In our opinion, being a part of a film festival is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have! And as you know, it's a lot of work. Usually, without a lot of budget...

Having an impact in this world while having fun IS possible!

Behind the Scenes supports film festivals at all levels of your growth, from year one onward. Our services include developing your brand, marketing and advertising, financial development and sponsor relationships, programming and films, managing and building your team, and everything in between. 

Our consulting is unique in that we provide you with live calls, as well as step by step support, including customizable templates to streamline your growth. Our consulting packages also allow for you to include up to two members of your team on every live call, helping you streamline implementation. Together, our work will focus on the structure, the content, and the organization of your festival, with us working together to identify your top struggles and customizing our support.

Get the support yoU deserve!

"Structures & Systems"

For a new festival in years one to four, we recommend our full package, which includes the following:

-Five, one-hour, live online private sessions working through the major steps to grow your festival in a supportive environment
-These are personal to you and up to two members of your team
-Structured and customized support based on your festival and your needs
-A systematic way to have all of your questions answered
-A customizable sponsorship kit included
-A sponsor tracking template for Airtable and video tutorial on how to use it
-A complete organizational chart helping you envision which roles you need to fill now and in the future, with guidance on how to figure this step out (even when you don’t have the budget for this!)
-Newsletter and email templates
And more! 

Our basic new festival package starts at $1975 and can be customized to include more live sessions or customizable templates as needed. 

New Festival Package

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"Quick fix"

Get a tailor-made BOOST of support! We offer one hour consulting via video conference focused on your specific needs. At any time, you can schedule a call, or a series of calls, to support your needs. These sessions tend to focus on one item at a time, such as:

-Growing your team
-Tools for team management
-How to pitch to a sponsor
-Creating lasting filmmaker relationships
-Developing your brand niche
-Authentic audience building

In one hour, you'll walk away with your questions answered, your plan in place, and the blueprint you need to maximize your success. 

Let’s work together to identify your specific needs. These specialized consulting sessions can be upgraded to include templates as well. Pricing starts at $195 per hour session. 

One Hour Consulting

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We’ve built an online membership community with monthly education to help you overcome festival challenges and experience less stress and more success.

You'll be a part of a revolutionary new community of festival-organizers who are working through the same kinds of steps toward festival growth that you are and you'll have a supportive group to learn alongside you.

Deepen your strategies, set goals, and experience greater support and success in EVERY step of the festival process from engaging sponsors to building your team, and everything in between! Over the course of the four weeks we will lead you step by step through a particular topic, giving you templates and tools, as well as support to learn and implement new skills. 

Each month you'll experience a new topic that we will cover in-depth through:    
          -a video and live Q&A
          -4 challenges to support you through implementation and growth
          -helpful handouts and PDF's
          -access to a wealth of knowledge and on-going support
          -access to our private Members group forum where you can ask questions, share celebrations

These are the tools we wish had been available when we started our own film festival! 

Pricing starts at $49 a month. Annual and lifetime memberships are available at a discounted rate.

Contact us to set up your complimentary 20 minute zoom video call for you (and up to two members of your team) to learn more and begin getting the support you need. We have an in-depth questionnaire that helps guide our discussion and identify your needs.

The Membership Community

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