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Our membership platform is in beta testing at the moment with the community launch coming in Fall of 2018. See below for more information about the community and our focus. 

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We’ve built an online membership community with monthly education to help you overcome festival challenges and experience less stress and more success.

You'll be a part of a revolutionary new community of festival-organizers who are working through the same kinds of steps toward festival growth that you are and you'll have a supportive group to learn alongside you.

Deepen your strategies, set goals, and experience greater support and success in EVERY step of the festival process from engaging sponsors to building your team, and everything in between! Over the course of the four weeks we will lead you step by step through a particular topic, giving you templates and tools, as well as support to learn and implement new skills. 

Each month you'll experience a new topic that we will cover in-depth through:    
-A video and live Q&A
-4 challenges to support you through implementation and growth
-Helpful handouts and PDF's
-Access to a wealth of knowledge and on-going support
-Access to our private Members group forum where you can ask questions, share celebrations, and network. 

These are the tools we wish had been available when we started our own film festival! 

The Membership Experience

Photo: Arthur E. Michalak

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For $49 per month or $500 annually you can join our community and gain access to the support and tools you need to grow your festival. Our unique approach includes monthly trainings with live Q&A, templates to streamline your growth, and the ongoing support to achieve your goals. Want more information, or to customize your experience further? Email us and set up a free consultation meeting.

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Photo: Arthur E. Michalak

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